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The Normandy Motor Cycle Club began organising Enduros in the mid eighties, when they joined the South Eastern Enduro Combine.

The club endeavours to run two events each year, one being for the Warsop Trophy, which was donated to the club in the late 60s by the then, Vice President of the club, Mr Frank Warsop. Check the events page for the next Enduro event.

Originally the cup was the major trophy at a junior scramble organised by the Normandy MCC and normally held at Tunnel Hill, Pirbright.

The other Enduro is for the G.P.Engineering Trophy, donated by the clubs current President Mr Graham Hill. Graham has been a member of this club since the 60s and represented the club in both scrambles and trials over the years.

Both events are now being held on Forestry or MOD land at various locations in the area and contain classes for Championship riders, Experts, Clubpersons, Over 40s, Sportspersons and Youth riders.

The club is an active member of the South Eastern Enduro Combine

A good source of information for other Enduro events is Enduro News